General Cleaning:

According to stats Canada the workplace is one of the most common areas where germs and bacteria are susceptible to spread. All around Cleaning staff goes beyond surface cleaning by paying particular attention to areas that normally get missed by the average cleaning company.

Green Cleaning:

Daily each of us has an impact on the environment all around us. The choices that we make today influence the future that we will all share tomorrow. All around Cleaning Service is committed to protecting the community in which we all live by using cleaning products that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Building Maintenance:

Got a broken paper towel dispenser in your restroom? Imagine having to call upon one person to do both your cleaning and handy man repair jobs around your office. All around Cleaning Service prides itself on ensuring ease of access and convenience for its clients. Rather than focusing on the maintenance of your building, you are left with more time to focus on the everyday tasks of running a business.

Pre/Post Construction Clean Up:

Whether you did some renovations on your place of business or you are a contractor responsible for a project of newly built homes, after the dust clears, you need a service that will clean and remove the debris in order to bring out the best of your space. All Around Cleaning Service has been instrumental in working with contractors/developers to provide efficient cleaning services.

Floor Maintenance:

Every day wear and tear can overtime damage your floors, especially if your place of business is a high traffic area. Regular buffing, stripping and waxing will help maintain the original quality and shine of your floors. All Around Cleaning Service offers affordable floor care packages to it’s customers.

One Time Cleaning:

This option is ideal for clients who would first like to assess our services prior to making a commitment. We have so much confidence in our staff that we guarantee exemplary results and 100% satisfaction of our services.

Event Cleaning:

All Around Cleaning Service have provided and continues to provide cleaning services to banquet halls and other spaces facilitating weddings, birthday parties, conventions and other special events. We understand how important that special day is to you and we work hard to ensure your function leaves a clean and impressionable environment for your guests.

Exterior Cleaning:

When it comes to first impressions, the outer premises of your place of business is just as important as the interior; in fact, it is the first place customers see. All Around Cleaning Service provides parking lot clean up and landscaping services.

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